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We help people develop authentic, meaningful relationships by meeting throughout the week in smaller groups. It’s easy to feel alone in the crowd.  We believe the best way to become more like Jesus is through bonds with each other. We do this through small community groups of individuals who love each other as a part of our larger community.
Family Ministries
Goshen places a high value on strengthening families and marriages, helping them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, because they are the backbone of a strong church and community.
Singles Ministries
We all need encouragement and strength, and a family who cares and listens. It`s amazing how Jesus uses us in this time of singleness to grow in Him and to really see His loving care. Being a part of a community group during the week will foster a growth and commitment to Jesus.
Student Ministries
Student ministry is focused on equipping young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to be disciples of Jesus by clearly communicating the Gospel, creating an environment of worship, and connecting teens to community. Goshen Hill also teaches life skills through a mentorship program and participation in “Club Areopagus” which seeks to teach entrepreneurial skills that will facilitate future leaders in the community.
Women’s Ministries
Women in our church have different types of ministries that you can become involved in.  From prayer groups to fellowship, our goal is to grow in our Christian experience as Daughters of Grace and Women of Faith. Anyone is welcome so come and bring a friend to our next activity!
Men’s Ministries
We are committed to coaching men to be leaders in the home, church, and community. We learn about the relationship between a father and his household, between a man and his wife or girlfriend. With our men’s breakfast gatherings, we get to hang out and get involved with each other. This ministry enables us to understand ourselves and become better men and leaders. We learn how to share our experiences and grow as image bearers of our Lord Jesus by being a disciple of Christ.​
Life Coaching
Counseling, with one-on-one guidance.  Serving and leadership opportunities available