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New Here?

Visiting Goshen Hill Church

Welcome to GHC.  We’re glad that you’re interested in visiting us!  Below, you’ll find information that will be useful in planning your visit and in deciding whether to make us your church home.  You’ll find when you spend time with us that we are far from perfect–but that we want to point you to the One who is.

Service Times
Our worship service is held on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.  We want you to be comfortable, so whether you show up in your ‘Sunday best’ or jeans and a tee-shirt, you’ll fit right in.

Pastor/Leaders can fill you in about our discipleship groups. Where one is closest to you!   

Finding your way
Parking is in the open field across from the church building. Additional parking on the side of the road.
We have handicapped parking in front of Church available with a ramp

Child Care
We love children! We have a Nursery care provided up to 4 years old.

We provide a special room downstairs and we encourage children from 1st grade on to worship with their parents in the church. It is a great way to strengthen families!